How To Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing?

dog on a clean stuffing bed
dog on a clean stuffing bed

How to wash a dog bed with stuffing?

Having a dog is great, he is a good friend who will not judge you, and he is a great companion for life. If you enter your house, they are always happy to see you and to say hello.

Owning this, always happy friends mean that you need to feed and wash them. Of course, you need to check for their health with regular visits to the vet, and a clean bed.

These are things that all of us think when we own a dog, but there is an important thing we need to remember, which most first owners forget. We need to wash the dog bed!

It is easy to skip this task because it is easy to forget. It is an important task to keep your dog healthy.

After reading this article, you will know how to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

Let’s start!

How To Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing?

When we need to clean a dog bed without a removable cover, we need to remember that every dryer and washing machine are different, and we will use different tactics to wash the entire dog bed.

If the washing machine is catching or tearing fabric, then we suggest leaving the stuff inside its cover during the wash.

If your washing machine is a fronted one, the best way is to separate the stuff from the cover and wash them all. Fronted washing machines are usually softer in clothes.

    Machine wash on Cold/Cold using a gentle cycle.
    Machine Dry on Low Heat or air dry.

Check the tips and processes below!

Important Tips To Consider Before Clean your dog bed

Here are some tips to consider before taking action and wash the dog bed perfectly.


make sure all zippers are closed.

this helps to protect the zippers and gives it a longer life

2.Bed weaknesses

Check the dog bed weeakneses

replace or fix any weeaknes area before washing

3.Removable Cover

if you can remove the cover, you should do it

you need to wash the cover separately according to tag instructions

4.Drying machine

when drying a dog bed even a larger size bed one, be sure that the bed is freely tumbling.

Items to use

    Pet-safe laundry detergent
    Pet odor deodorizer
    Vacuum cleaner
    Spot stain remover

The Easy Step-By-Step Process To Clean Stuffed Beds

You need to follow the first and second steps. After that, make sure to read the washing method in the bed’s tag for the correct clean method. You can use your hands or a washing machine to wash a dog bed. Reading the bed’s tag, you will know the exact process for you.

1. Remove any loose dirt

The most important step is this. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt. Make sure to not only pass once, but you also need to do it until all the dirt, dander, and hair is lost.

you can even remove flea eggs from the corners and the edges, as this are the locations where all the dirt is accumulated.

2. Get Rid Of Any Nasty Stains

The second step is to remove all the nasty stain with a spot stain, use one that is safe for your dog, and remove any stain in the dog bed.

Once ready. Rinse the bed, and wring out the water.

3. Use Detergent And Deodorizer

In this step, you need to wash all the bed to ensure there is not dirt and odor. To make this, add detergent, a pet-safe detergent will not irritate your puppy skin, to your washing machine.

A good deodorizer is white vinegar; it will remove all odor, and it is safe for your pooch.

4. Rinse The Dog Bed

The fourth step is to rinse the bed. In this step, you need to drain the water from the tub and rinse the bed until there is no more bubble soap in the water. You can use cold or warm water.

If you are washing the bed in a washing machine, use a cold rinse cycle.

5. Let The Dog Bed Dry

Once you are in this step, squeeze all the water from the bed that you can. If you have a large dog bed, you can dry it in a dryer. After this, you need to place the bed in the sun for two days to let it dry completely.

After two days; The dog bed should be dry. To finish this step, check for the thickest parts for dampness.

If most parts of the bed are dry, use a hairdryer machine on low heat to dry the bed completely. Usually, the thickest parts take a longer time to get dry, and you can use the hairdryer to remove dampness. Move on to the next step.

6. Fluff It

The last step is to make it fluffy again. Move the stuffing into areas that are not soft to give your dog a nice fluffy and soft bed.

Why Should I Wash My Dog Bed?

The main reason to keep your dog bed clean is for health, your health and your dog health are affected by a dirty dog bed.

Dogs love to play, and normally they are dirty at the end of the day. All that dirt comes to the dog’s bed, by accumulating so much dirt it is easy for your dog to catch up a disease or some fleas eggs inside the dog bed.

On the other hand, if you are allergic to dust, dander, and dog fur, washing the dog bed frequently can protect you against those allergies.

By washing your dog bed frequently, you can have a good smell in your dog bed, a healthy dog, and prevent yourself from allergies.

But the next question comes as, how often should i wash my dog’s bed?

How often should i wash my dog’s bed?

How Often Should I Wash My Large Dog’s Bed?

Let’s accept that keeping the dog bed clean and washing it frequently is not a fun activity. If you do the washing process correctly, you do not need to do it a lot of times.

You can use a sheet or blanket on top of the dog’s bed. You will just need to wash that and not the entire bed every time.

There is a lot of beds out there, and every one has their process in the tag’s bed.

For this article we focus on dog bed with stuffing.

In this case, you should be washing the dog bed once per week if the dog is not very active during the day.

If the dog is really dirty, and he uses the bed every moment while play with dirt, I recommend washing the bed twice per week.

How To Wash A Large Dog Bed?

If the dog bed is extra-large, and can not be wash by a normal washing machine, here are some suggestions to consider.

Take the dog bed to a commercial laundry and use a large machine used for other big items. Use vinegar, unscented detergent, and soda.

If you can put it in a normal washin machine, use the instructions from this post.


After reading this article, you should wash your dog bed with stuffing. Remember to follow the previous tips in the article to make the process easier.

Every dog bed is different, and the best reference we have to wash a dog bed is the dog’s bed tag. you can use the steps above to clean Kirkland dog beds, and foam dog beds.

if you have any question, ask in the comment section.

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