How To Stop A Dog From Chewing His Bed

Dog chewing his toy and his bed.

Why do many dogs destroy and even chew their beds? Many of the dogs are classified as problematic chewers because the dog’s bed is an attractive target to destroy. But they do not stop there and do not discriminate the objects they chew: among these objects, we have furniture, shoes, or anything that comes into view, including the dog’s bed, can be the target of this destructive habit.

It is essential to tackle this destructive behavior at an early stage. If you bought your dog a comfortable place to rest, your dog should not use it as a toy and destroy it. Some pieces of clothing or bed may lodge in the digestive tract of your dog. It can cause real problems and even death.

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing His Bed?

To stop your dog from chewing his bed, you need to catch him in the act. Then make some noise, or say NO! or STOP!
You need to bring your dog’s attention and make him know that what he is doing is wrong. At this stage, your dog will stop chewing the bed. Your dog needs to understand that chewing his bed is not ok, and it is your job to make him know what is wrong.
Making this process as puppies is hard. But at that age, they need more attention to understand what is wrong.
Adult Dogs chew their bed mainly for two reasons, the first is to comfort themselves for anxiety, and the second is to relieve boredom. To prevent your dog from breaking a bed, we have to delve into what motivates your pet to do this. With some strategies, we will solve it.

The first factor is the anxiety-induced. 

Stress can lead to destructive chewing on your dog. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or is made nervous or uncomfortable by surroundings, these factors can lead to compulsively chewing the bed. Toys or deterrents alone will not solve your dog’s stress-related chewing problem.

First, you have to identify and then eliminate the stressors that trigger this behavior in your dog. It is the most efficient solution for dogs that chew their bed destructively, but the sources may be out of your control. If there are small children that annoy your dog, you need to set limits to make him feel more secure. Many dogs have noise anxiety.

Noise is difficult to control if it comes from outside, such as thunder, fireworks, or neighborhood traffic. To solve the noise-related problems, try moving the dog house to a different place in the house and that family members should remain calm during noisy and stressful moments so as not to increase the commotion.

You can also participate in behavioral therapy. This last option is difficult but can solve the problem for dogs with extreme anxiety. You need to consult with your veterinarian and find specialists in the area.

A quick tip is that the punishment, the muzzles, will not stop your dog from chewing on his bed. It can make his behavior worse. especially to dogs with severe anxiety

The Second Factor Is Boredom

Boredom leads many dogs to chew on their beds. Dogs become restless when they do not have an outlet for their stored energy.

  • Exercise your dog. You have to exercise your dog for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Never leave your dog in a crate for more than 8 hours at a time. If you cannot be at home to let him out, find a friend to help you with this work.
  • Give your dog toys while you are outside like Chew toys or stuffed animals. You have to provide him with interactive toys that you can fill with food or treats to keep your dog mentally stimulated while he seeks his rewards.
  • When you find your dog chewing on his bed, you need to give him a licensed chew toy.
  • Upgrade your kit – chew-proof dog beds could be the solution. Some dogs love to break the filling of the products. These extra hard dog beds use sturdy materials and also add more layers to resist destruction from dogs.

Use a deterrent spray. It can be a great strategy to change your target from your dog’s bed to a toy.

For many dogs, chewing is a natural and healthy behavior that should be limited to their toys and treats. And although the old saying goes that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. You can train your adult dog not to chew on his bed. These strategies have a great chance of success, but they take time and patience.

New puppies are so cute and small that everything they do is tender. As they grow, so do their teeth, and they tend to chew everything they can. Some times they will chew his bed, some furniture, and even your hands. How do you stop your dog from chewing his bed? 

Last night, I woke up, and my dog was tearing up his bed. After some research, I found the solution.

What Can I Spray On The Dog’s Bed To Stop Chewing?

If you want faster results, you can use this product called Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray.

This spray makes the surface you spray on it to taste bad for your dog, but don’t worry. It will not hurt your dog, as this product chemicals are not toxic for your dog.

It is a great way you can go if you want your dog to stop chewing everything.

You can use this spray even in furniture to prevent your dog from chewing it.

The advantage of using this spray is that you do not need to see every time if your dog is chewing something and catch him on the act to yell him. And in the future, your dog will know what not to chew. It is an easy way to train.

When Do Puppies Stop Chewing Everything?

They stop chewing at six months.

As you can read in this article, dogs lose their teeth, and as new teeth come in, they suffer. The way they make this teething process not so buttering for them is to chew everything they can.

Chewing objects make the teething process less painful. You can give your puppy some toys to chew if you do not want to chew your furniture or its bed.

While you wait for your puppy to grow, you can give him this toy to stop chewing something else. It is a way you can help your puppy with teething.

Why Does My Dog Bite Down On His Bed?

This question is not easy to answer because it depends on the age of the dog, and the time he is alone.
First, if your dog is under six months, chew not only his bed but everything he can. He is teething, and until six months, you will need to teach him what to bite like toys, or what not to bite like his bed.
Destructive chewing can be stressed behavior. Something in the environment makes your dog feel stress or anxious. These kinds of stress can drive your dog to compulsive chew.
Another frequent cause is anxiety. See this point in the next section.

Why Does My Dog Tears up Bed When Alone?

Your dog feels separation anxiety.

Dogs that are dependent on family members try to remain close to their owners. They try to go with their owner to every room in the house. And when its time to leave the house and not bring the dog out. One reaction the dog has is a destructive attitude.

One way you can solve this problem or this attitude of your dog is to set a scheduled time when your dog is alone. Separation anxiety is the cause that your dog tears up his bed.

The best way you can help your dog is by treatment.

How to Stop my Dog Chewing Furniture? Home Remedies

To stop your dog from chewing furniture, you can use deterrent spray. Once you spray your furniture, your dog will not chew that area. You can make this deterrent spray with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

How To Prepare Deterrent Spray

Water1 1/2 Cups
Distilled White Vinegar2 Tablespoon
Essential oils (orange or citrus)20 Drops

You need to mix all the materials in a clean spray bottle. Remember to clean the bottle from other liquids you have used. Remember that dogs are sensitive to chemicals. Also, you can buy a new bottle.
Once all the ingredients are inside the bottle, shake it before using it.

How to Stop Dog from Eating Blankets?

The Kong dog toy is a solution to this problem. Your dog will chew this toy instead of his bed. And when that happens, make your dog know that chewing this toy is Ok and chewing his bed is not Ok.

You can even stuff they toy with some peanut butter, and your dog will be more than happy.

Chew Proof and Indestructible Dog Beds

The last thing you can do; is to get an indestructible dog bed. These kinds of dog’beds are chew proof. And depending on your dog size, you can choose the chew proof dog bed for you.

I like this one, as it has a pet-friendly design. Or you can get a cover to do the work. What best suits for you.


How to stop your dog from chewing his bed? Easy, give your dog something that he can chew like the kong toy or use a deterrent spray.

Training your dog is not an easy task, but having a friend is worth it!

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