How To clean a Dog bed with pee? Get The Urine Out Of The Bed.

how to clean a dog bed with pee

How To clean a Dog bed with pee? This question is unavoidable if you have a pet at home, you have just arrived home, and you see your dog wagging its tail waiting for you. Even the cleanest dogs like Shiba Inu have an accident in their bed, that is an indicator that lets us know that it is time to wash it. To avoid this ugly odor, we need to change our cleaning habits. Let’s wash a dog bed with pee.

How to clean a dog bed with pee

Vacuum Your Pet’s Bed

Why do we need to vacuum our pet’s bed? Good when our pet goes outside to play and wallows in the grass or the dirt, he brings with him pieces of cut grass or earth that he finally deposits on his bed. This act makes it easier for microbes to grow inside your dog’s bed and in your home. To solve this problem, we have vacuum cleaners, can use common vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners made for animals whose advantage is in its hypoallergenic filter. This filter does not allow the molecules distributed throughout the room of your home.

vaccum cleaner your pets' bed

How to Wash the stains left by your dog With Baking Soda?

To clean the stains left by your dog, we can use natural products to protect our furry friend. If we use products with strong chemicals, we can hurt some dogs that are allergic or sensitive to these products.

One of the common stains that we find when we have a dog is a mud stain. To clean this type of stains left by your dog, we will use two cloths, one wet with which we will clean at the beginning, and the second dry after vacuuming the loose dirt.

How To clean a Dog bed with pee?

If your dog peed on his bed, the way to clean it is the next. The first thing is to clean the pee with a dirty rag, here we try to absorb as much liquid as we can. Then we will prepare a solution of vinegar, water, and baking soda in proportions of 1:1:2 for each cup of vinegar and water, we add two tablespoons of baking soda. Once we leave our solution ready, let stand and take effect for 8 minutes. finally, with a clean cloth, we clean the surface

Finally, the last stain that we will remove is the vomit stains. It is difficult to remove because they are more acidic. To remove, we will use a solution of 4 cups of warm water, two tablespoons of salt, two tablespoons of liquid soap, and a cup of vinegar. We will apply this solution to the vomit with the help of a sponge. If the vomit is hard and dried, we will use soap

Washing the dog’s mattress as part of your routine

People who design and manufacture dog beds know that washing the do bed task is an important task, and that is why some beds make the cleaning easy than others.

We mentioned that because the dog goes out a lot and wallows in everything he can, especially where there is dirt. It is a carrier of ticks that it leaves in your bed. It is for this reason that we need to remove ticks from your dog’s bed. For this task, we will use the heat of a drying machine. Put on high heat for 8 minutes to clean the dog bed.

For cleaning, there are two types of dog beds: those that you can remove their covers and those that cannot. For beds that cannot be removed or separated, called all-in-ones, use a washing machine that is gentle with clothes and use a dryer on low heat. It is also relevant after washing to let it dry for two days and to use products that do not irritate your pet’s skin.

wash the mattress

The second type of bed is with a removable cover. This dog bed is unchallenging to wash since it can be put in the washing machine separately. However, if the filling is thick, it should be washed by hand. Since it is the easiest way to clean it and that it does not deteriorate. To do this, we prepare a container with water and add detergent, submerge the dog’s bed in this water and begin to clean the stains. We remove the dirty water and fill the container with clean water. It is our part we are going to rinse the dog’s bed. Make this step until the water no longer foams. Once the water is clean when thrown. Squeeze the dog bed to remove moisture. Let it rest in the sun for one to two days.

Follow the instructions on the bed label to wash the covers.

How to keep your dog’s bed smelling fresh

To keep your dog’s bed smelling good after washing, you should use household products. An example of what can be applied to maintain a good smell on fabrics and also on the dog’s bed is to use a solution of sodium bicarbonate diluted in water with a few drops of tea tree oil. You also can use some deodorizer.

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