How Much Does A Shiba Inu Cost? Complete Buyer’s Guide. New Puppy At Home

how much does a shiba inu cost

How much does Shiba Inu puppy cost? in this article, you will know everything you need to know about the cost associated to get your first Shiba Inu like food for the dog, veterinarian cost, insurance, and more!

Shiba Inus, who can resist those awesome dogs? in the last decade, this dog breed has become one of the most popular dogs around the internet. This dog breed can be pricey as any other dog-like Akita.

How Much Does A Shiba Inu Cost?

How much do Shiba Inus cost? The cost to get a Shiba Inu is around $1000-$2500. The average price is $1200. The first-year expenses can rise to $3000. After the first year, the cost can be around $1150 per year. This cost includes food, veterinarian attention, dog staff like the house, leash, grooming, training, etc.

The popularity of this breed has been rising,  during November and December.

You can find prices a little bit more expensive during these months because of the demand.

Also, female puppies generally are expensive than male puppies.

The fact that Shiba Inu litters are small could affect puppy pricing because of the supply.

Some readers may charge extra cash for the linage of the dog, we cover this section in the next paragraphs.

The linage of the breed can raise the price to get a puppy up to $3000 or in some cases more, depending on the breeder and some cost to transport.

Factors That Impact How Much Does A Purebred Shiba Inu Cost

how much does shiba inu cost

These are some factors that affect the cost to get purebred Shiba Inu:

  • Purebred or Mixed purebred dogs are expensive than mixed-breeds.
  • Bloodline and breeder’s reputation usually the breeder don’t have any problem with the show, you the puppy parents. Puppies with purebreds parent prices will be substantially higher. These breeders tend to invest more money in taking care of the puppies.
  • Registration having a dog registered with the AKC will raise the price from the dog.
  • Location local demand will have an impact on the price. For example, puppies and small dogs are popular in metropolitan areas. It is worth looking for prices on different locations to find a good dog and price for you and your needs.
  • Age the price goes lower with the increment of age from the dog, people love puppies and for that reason, they are more expensive than older dogs.
  • Coat Color according to  AKC and the breed standard, these dogs come in different colors. Red sesame and black and tan. There is a white color, but this color is not recognized for the AKC, and finding this coat color is hard, and the prices rise for the demand. This white coat color is known as CREAM
  • Gender some breeders will raise the price of female puppies.

The Cost of Feeding

The food depends on the weight, on average Shiba minus will grow and weight around 20 lb. With quality food from some marks like Purina, Pedigree, etc.

The estimated cost in the first year is around $100. After the first year, the cost is flat at $135 per year per dog.

Depending on the quality of the food and the place where you buy it the price can rise to $150 per year if it is a good dog food brand buy by amazon.

We recommend making bulk purchases as the food is cheaper in bulk and can be stored sparingly.

cost to feed

Always consult the veterinarian about the diet and the needs your dog has as nutrition levels, etc.


The recommended time to professionally groomed your pet is 4 times a year. On average the year cost should be between $100-$350.

This price of Professional grooming includes bath, hair removal, brushing, styling eye cleaning, and nail trimming.

The more affordable option is to buy a grooming kit and make it your own. Generally, the price of the kid is around $25-$250. Depending on the size and the equipment required for the dog.

How Much does Veterinarian cost?

In general Shiba Inus is a healthy breed. This is something you need to know to consider have a Shiba Inu in your home. health is not cheap.

The first thing you will need to do is to spare or neuter your dog if you do not do that yet, of course, if you don’t have any plan on having future Shiba puppies. The cost to do this is between $250-$500.

The problem with this breed is that in the future they will have some allergies like glaucoma, cataracts, hip dysplasia, entropion, or luxating patella.

You should visit the vet once per month to keep your dog healthy. For example when your Shiba is still a puppy ask the veterinarian for the correct development of the joints.

how much does veterinarian cost

Or when it gets old, some eye exams as the cataracts are common in this breed.

For a healthy dog, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars if the dog does not present some big problems related to health.

Visit a vet annually can cost $125-$265 depending on the clinic and the locality. This includes vaccines.

Some Common Issues For a Shiba Inu

  • Allergies involving skin and ear itchiness and infection: depending on the constant itching may cost $80-$2000 per year and if need special food can raise $75.
  • Intervertebral disc disease: $250-$4000.
  • Dental disease: $400-$800.
  • Patellar luxation: $300-$2000.
  • Cataracts: $1500-$3000.

Dog Health Insurance

Enrolling your dog in a health insurance plan as a safety net against the unexpected costs.

According to the American Pet Health Insurance Association, the average annual price for accidents and illness coverage plans is $565.

For only accidents, the price is $190.

Training Cost

When looking for a Shiba Inu price and future cost in the long term, there are more than vet and food costs, we need to consider the cost of training the dog.

Obedience classes can cost depending on the service they offer, there are two types. The group classes and private classes.

Group classes can cost between $30-80$. And private classes can be priced at a minimum of $45 per hour.

As Shiba Inus are not sociable dogs, it is recommended do take some group classes to make sure to train the dog about socialization.

You can save some cash if you do it by yourself but as I want to tell you every possible cost you can front here it is.

Shiba Inu does not need so much training. When we talk about house training this breed is considered a clean dog.

But when we talk about other types of training, Shiba inus need more training than other dogs breeds.

That is because they are stubborn, and they do what they want to do.

Starting the training at an early age like 6-8 weeks will make your dog so much easy to train than an older dog, it does not mean an older dog can’t be trained. Shiba Inus will never lose their spirit of freedom.

First Welcome to your New dog

There is a cost to supplies a dog needs like a collar, leash, some toys, and a comfortable bed.

You can find these items in the veterinarian or you can check the prices in amazon or on another store from your preference.

The things you are looking for the first time bringing a dog in the house are these:

  1. Bed ($15-$65)
  2. Food bowl ($5-$20)
  3. Dog crate ($20-$80)
  4. Leash ($5-$20)
  5. Toys ($15-$50)
  6. Dog collar ($5-$40)
  7. Brush ($5-$45)

How Much Does Shiba Inu Puppies Cost?

There are two types of registrations, limited registration, and full registration.

  • Shiba Inu puppies with limited registration in general cost between $1400-$2200.
  • Shiba minus Puppies with full registration for a reputable breeder cost between $2000-$3500.

After the cost of the breeder, we need to add the cost of transportation. If the breeder is in another state, you need to consider this cost.

How To Find A Reputable Shiba Inu Puppy Breeder?

Because of the raising in popularity of this breed, a lot of farms have been starting to sell this puppy.

Because there are a lot of breeders, it can be difficult to know who is trustworthy.

Don’t worry! with some much information, there are some ways to find reputable breeders.

The first place to start looking is inside the page of NSCA (National Shiba Club of America). Here you can find a list of reputable breeders with AKC and NSCA.

reputable breeders

Contact the breeder and look for a date to meet the puppy.

For a good breeder is important the place where will live the puppy so it is normal that they ask questions, usually, the good breeders are patient and love questions.

Meeting the puppy usually doesn’t cost. As doesn’t cost to meet the puppy s parents or something about the puppy.

Call some breeders and repeat the process until you find the perfect dog for you.

If you don’t want to buy a puppy and you want to adopt instead, here is the section for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Shiba Inu?

The adoption cost generally is between $150-$400 for an adult Shiba Inu.

But depending on the state it could raise between $350-$550. This cost includes vaccinations and registration.

Sometimes the cost to adopt can rise in some treatments, these dogs come from a trouble past.

You need to make the correct research.

How to Find Rescues to adopt Shiba Inus?

There a lot of rescue organizations, in California, Texas, Dallas, and the unique mission of these organizations is to rehabilitate a fostering them until the correct person arrives to give these dogs a forever home.

Adoption reduces the cost to get a Shiba Inu Puppy, and it is a win-win. For the dog and your budget.

The National Shiba Inu Club of America has a list of rescue Shiba Inu organizations around the country. For adult dogs, the cost is around $150-$400.  The price for a puppy can rise because of the demand to get a puppy Shiba Inu.


How much does Shiba Inu cost? as an adult, it could cost $600-$1600 per year this includes supplies, medical problems, food, grooming, and license.

The first year can cost between $2500-$5500. This includes the cost of puppy, supplies, training, medical cost, food, grooming, license, and microchip.

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